The Illuminati

Lecture no. 12 from the course: The Real History of Secret Societies

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Taught by Professor Richard B. Spence | 28 min | Categories: History

Even if you haven’t taken notice of secret societies before, you’ve heard of the Illuminati, a group so prevalent they have been satirized by Taco Bell. Explore the roots of the 28-year-old Adam Weishaupt’s secret society—the Order of Perfectibilists, which later became the Order of the Illuminati, or, in German, the Illuminatenordern: The Order of the Enlightened. Discover how Weishaupt envisioned nothing less than “A New World,” which necessitated destruction of Christianity and all other forms of religion. Professor Spence demonstrates the goals of Weishaupt’s Illuminism, the influence of the movement—even reflected in the modern-day promises of Communism, and the famous names associated with the Illuminati.