Tap into Healing with Jennifer Partridge

Join Jennifer Partridge on a journey of healing as she uses the Emotional Freedom Technique to help us fully process our stress, overwhelm, and trauma by combining traditional talk therapy with physical stimulation of meridian points.
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Join Jennifer Partridge on a journey of healing as she uses the Emotional Freedom Technique to help us fully process our stress, overwhelm, and trauma. Combining traditional talk therapy and neuroscience with the meridian points from Chinese medicine, Jennifer teaches us how to process difficult emotions and painful experiences, clearing the way for a life lived joyfully in the present.


Jennifer Partridge
Jennifer Partridge

Jennifer Partridge is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique facilitator and for more than a decade has helped her students heal trauma in relationships, sexuality, self expression, personal power, and physical health.

By This Expert

Welcome to Tap Into Healing

01: Welcome to Tap Into Healing

When bad things happen, we don’t always process them in the appropriate way. By not working fully through our troubles, we end up carrying them with us, unresolved and running rampant in our subconscious. Tapping gives us the tools to fully process our feelings and experiences. When we clear away the past and break free from its hold on us, we begin to rewire our brains and live in new and incredible ways.

5 min
Day 1: Releasing Overwhelm

02: Day 1: Releasing Overwhelm

When a healing crisis enters our life, it may show up as physical ailments, an overactive mind, exhaustion and a plethora of other imbalances. This can be very overwhelming — to the extent where we do not know where to start. In Day 1, we look at our health issues in body, mind, and spirit with open eyes, and start to clear out the overwhelm.

24 min
Day 2: Forgiveness

03: Day 2: Forgiveness

On Day 2, we dig deep into what is taking away our life force. Together we look at all the places we hold resistance, hate, anger, blame and shame towards yourself or others. In doing this, we are given a supreme opportunity to forgive. Forgiveness does not condone the challenges or the damage created, yet it is an “out-of-jail ticket” that allows you to let it go, so you can finally be free.

25 min
Day 3: Healthy Boundaries

04: Day 3: Healthy Boundaries

Together we will examine our fears and concerns surrounding healthy boundaries. Often, when we have been violated or hurt, we do not understand what the appropriate boundary is for creating safety and healing. Day 3 is a perfect opportunity to examine your boundaries and create something that feels honorable for your life.

26 min
Day 4: Self Love

05: Day 4: Self Love

If you are experiencing a healing crisis it is likely that at some point in your journey, you forgot to take care of yourself, to give yourself the love you needed and the physical support required to be in charge of your life and health. Day 4, is all about self love and discovering ways to really nourish and rejuvenate your soul.

25 min
Day 5: New Visions

06: Day 5: New Visions

After moving through four days of healing, we approach our final day. This is the most important day for our transformation — inviting in a new vision for our life. Often the only reason we stay in limiting patterns of pain is because we have not taken the time to envision a new way for ourselves. This final day gives us the opportunity to look at the old and choose something new.

22 min
Thank You: Thank You

07: Thank You: Thank You

Celebrate the end of this practice and the beginning of your healing journey. Tapping teaches us that we have the ability to transform anything we put our hearts to and these practices are here for you to do just that. Transforming your fears is just a tap away.

2 min
Bonus Content: Healing our Cultural & Ancestral Pain

08: Bonus Content: Healing our Cultural & Ancestral Pain

Often when we are struggling with pain, we may be unaware that the pain we feel is something we picked up from our family, ancestors, and/or from the culture and media. Each human being has the capacity to transcend the old, limiting beliefs passed down to them. This 40-minute tapping session is a deep dive to peel away the layers, so you may discover your deepest truth and honor your authentic impulse in life. Good luck!

39 min
Bonus Content: Intro to Emotional Freedom Technique

09: Bonus Content: Intro to Emotional Freedom Technique

How do we silence the chatter in our minds? How do we release the things causing us stress or tension? How do we finally get rid of our baggage? Tapping gives us a way to get rid of our negative energy and pent up emotions. By combining Chinese medicine and traditional talk-therapy, Jen helps us tackle our overwhelm and remember that we can be so much more than we think.

4 min
Bonus Content: Tapping Points

10: Bonus Content: Tapping Points

In this session, we learn what points to target during our Tapping sessions. Moving through our bodies like a question mark, we’ll explore the full scope of our meridians. No stress, no expectations, just a simple way to clear our channels.

3 min
Bonus Content: Tapping Process

11: Bonus Content: Tapping Process

We can only access the benefits of Tapping by coming to the experience in the right way, following the right process. In this session, Jen walks us through the three most important steps for any Tapping practitioner, showing us how to work through our baggage, rewire our bodies and minds, and begin working toward a life of joy and vibrancy.

2 min