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Suzanne Pilaar Birch
Suzanne Pilaar Birch, PhD
The story of early humans is a triumph of adaptability and ingenuity in challenging environments.


University of Georgia

About Suzanne Pilaar Birch

Suzanne Pilaar Birch is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Geography at the University of Georgia. She earned a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge. She is an experienced field archaeologist, the editor of the book Multispecies Archaeology, and the author of more than 30 scholarly articles and book chapters. She is also a cofounder of TrowelBlazers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to highlighting women in archaeology, paleontology, and geology. Her research has been funded by the National Geographic Society, the National Science Foundation, and the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council.

By This Professor

Early Humans: Ice, Stone, and Survival