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Philip Daileader
Philip Daileader, PhD

Making courses over the years has been an honor, and I'd like to think that as The Teaching Company has grown and developed, I've developed with it.


William & Mary

About Philip Daileader

Philip Daileader is a Professor of History at William & Mary. He earned his PhD in History from Harvard University. He is the author of two historical monographs: True Citizens: Violence, Memory, and Identity in the Medieval Community of Perpignan, 1162–1397, and the award-winning Saint Vincent Ferrer, His World and Life: Religion and Society in Late Medieval Europe. He is the coeditor of French Historians 1900–2000: New Historical Writing in Twentieth-Century France, and The Princeton Review named him one of the 300 best professors in the US.

By This Professor

The Early Middle Ages
Charlemagne: Father of Europe
How the Crusades Changed History

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