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Arthur T. Benjamin
Arthur T. Benjamin, Ph.D.
As a professor, I have always wanted to bring math to the masses. The Great Courses has helped make that dream come true.


Harvey Mudd College

About Arthur T. Benjamin

Arthur T. Benjamin is the Smallwood Family Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. He earned a PhD in Mathematical Sciences from Johns Hopkins University. His teaching has been honored by the Mathematical Association of America, and he was named to The Princeton Review’s list of the Best 300 Professors. He has also served as president of the Fibonacci Association. A professional magician, he is the author of the book The Magic of Math, a New York Times bestseller. He has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and has been featured in Scientific American and The New York Times.

By This Professor

The Joy of Mathematics
The Secrets of Mental Math
The Mathematics of Games and Puzzles: From Cards to Sudoku
Math and Magic
Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio

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