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Want to know more about Wondrium?

Let’s get to know each other, starting with the basics:

What is Wondrium?

Wondrium brings you engaging, educational content through short form videos, long form courses, tutorials, how-to lessons, travelogues, documentaries, and more, covering every topic you’ve ever wondered about and many you never thought you’d wonder about.

To make lifelong learning and personal enrichment a fun and fulfilling experience for everyone.

To offer the most diverse, mind blowing, non-fiction learning experiences to the world.

Our Origin Story

We started in 1990 as The Teaching Company, known for creating The Great Courses, which provided college-level video courses on subjects such as history, science, and philosophy.

After 30 years and more than 20 million courses having been taken, we are excited to add new and unique content to our platform and expand to offer more experiences that fulfill the needs of all lifelong learners.

It all started when Tom Rollins, the founder of The Great Courses, was a law student at Harvard University. He was facing an important exam for which he wasn’t prepared.

Dreading the notoriously boring subject but knowing his success depended on understanding the material, Rollins obtained videotapes of 10 lectures by a noted authority on the subject. The tapes were unlike anything Rollins had experienced in his Harvard lecture halls. They were outrageously insightful, impressively thorough, and engagingly witty. Most important: They hammered home the concepts in a way that made the subject both accessible and interesting. They made learning not a chore to be accomplished but an adventure to be experienced. Tom went on to make an “A” in the course.

He never forgot the unique power of recorded lectures by a great teacher—and the way that a bright mind could ignite a passion for lifelong learning. And years later, in 1990, Rollins founded The Great Courses to share that unforgettable experience with the rest of the world.

Due to his law student experience, Rollins pursued his endeavor to ensure that The Great Courses would be taught by top college professors and leading experts in their fields, therefore, providing the highest quality of learning experiences available to the public. With this combined level of quality, The Great Courses was quickly embraced by the lifelong learning community as a trusted resource for continuing lifelong education.

Over the years, The Teaching Company grew beyond producing VHS and cassette tapes that were just focused on academic subjects and ventured into covering a range of subject categories, including science, math, economics, literature and language, history, religion and philosophy, fine arts, and music. As technology changed, The Teaching Company produced DVDs and CDs, while also further expanding to include better living, health and wellness, and how-to courses. With the advent of streaming technology, The Great Courses Plus launched in 2015, giving our Great Courses audience a video-on-demand subscription option, allowing them to access as many courses as they wished, at any place, at any time, and at the convenience of their own schedule. Now, in 2021, the range of topics is expanding, once again, to include personal enrichment, hobbies and leisure, travel, and more.

We hope you are excited to take the next step in this journey with us.


Who Is Wondrium

We are a team of passionate people who believe the love of learning can be contagious as long as you provide the right experiences. To that end, we are dedicated to collecting and creating learning experiences that you will LOVE. Get to know a couple of us!

Course Development

“Content developers are every presenter’s first audience, script editor, sounding board, and advocate. I feel incredibly privileged to help these brilliant people take their content from great to mind blowing. My job gives me the chance to work with the smartest people on earth every day, and it’s incredibly satisfying to know that I’m helping these folks bring their brilliance to the world.”

Jessica D., Content Developer

Course Filming

“Here in the studio we are dedicated to making the experience for the on-camera presenter as comfortable as possible so that they can deliver the best performance of their material. Before they even arrive we work with the producer and graphics department to create a unique and topical set for each production. Wondrium has given us new opportunities to dive deeper into the visual creative process. It has opened up new ways to create striking and interesting visual productions that match the high level, quality material our presenters bring.” 

Roberto de M., Video Production Director

We seek out only the best and the brightest professionals to guide your learning experiences. Here are a few of our engaging experts:

John McWhorter

John McWhorter, PhD

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University

Dorsey Armstrong

Dorsey Armstrong, PhD

Associate Professor of English and Medieval Literature at Purdue University

James Scott Bell

James Scott Bell, JD

award-winning novelist and writing instructor

Art Benjamin

Art Benjamin, PhD

Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, professional “Mathemagician”

Joel Sartore

Joel Sartore

award-winning professional photographer and a regular contributor to National Geographic magazine

We partner with the top names in video learning experiences to bring you exclusive, engaging content that you love learning from and will never forget. Here are a few of our partners:

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Magellan Logo
National Geographic Logo
Craftsy Logo
CIA Logo
Smithsonian Logo

Want to work for Wondrium?

If you are passionate about being part of a world that wants to make learning cool again, we want you to work for us, too. Check out our current openings. If you don’t find a fit now, feel free to drop us a resume in case a future match opens up.


Want to work with Wondrium?

Wow, we love you for that!

There are a number of ways you can work with Wondrium, whether it’s through our affiliate program, partnering with us, teaching for us, or shamelessly promoting us. Choose your own adventure from the options below—we can’t wait to get started with you.

Wondrium in the News


      Chantilly, VA, October 4, 2021 - Wondrium, the leading streaming provider of nonfiction learning content, has ordered 12-episodes of an interior design instructional series hosted by potter and designer Jonathan Adler. The series, produced by Wondrium, will debut to the lifelong learning streaming service’s members around the world in 2022.

      The Untitled Jonathan Adler Project will feature Adler illustrating the basic rules of design, and then how to break them. Through his own work, muses, and other world examples, the series will introduce new and modern approaches to interior design, with the goal of boosting confidence in all designers, at any skill level.

      “Jonathan Adler is one of the world’s most celebrated and multi-hyphenated designers, a leader and educator in the industry with a gift for style,” said Paul Suijk, President & CEO of Wondrium. “We’re incredibly excited to give Wondrium members access to Adler’s talent and skill through this entertaining, informative and engaging series.”

      “With age comes wisdom (and, in my case, tennis elbow),” said Adler. “I’ve been running my design business for more than 25 years, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my experience with Wondrium’s audience. After the course, viewers will have the background and tools they need to create exceptional spaces that reflect themselves at their most glamorous. Design is about communication: let’s talk!”

      About Wondrium Wondrium is a newly-rebranded global subscription video on demand (SVOD) service offering over 7,500 hours of a broad slate of intellectually stimulating, nonfiction learning content. Wondrium takes the learning experience to the next level, combining the library and legacy of in-depth content from The Great Courses with the best in entertaining, engaging, and educational content. The service will provide a resource that complements people’s daily media habits, allowing them to pursue their passions, dig deeper into subjects, hone their habits, and find something they will love to learn about.

      About Jonathan Adler Potter, designer, and author Jonathan Adler launched his namesake brand after leaving his day job to pursue his first love: pottery. In 1993, Barneys bought his collection of pots, and five years later, he opened his first store in Soho. Jonathan’s desire to design all the bits one needs to create a flawlessly chic home lead to more and more. Today, Jonathan Adler is a design company with stores worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, a full slate of residential and commercial projects, and a wholesale business with over 1000 points

      Media Contact:
      Lindsay Colker
      Elevate Communications


      Chantilly October 5, 2021- Wondrium, the leading streaming provider of nonfiction learning content, announced today that it will be launching the world’s first FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) Channel in the education genre, TRUE HISTORY. It also announced it has signed distribution deals with XUMO, PLEX, Local Now, DistroTV, Glewed TV, and SelectTV.

      TRUE HISTORY is now available to stream on XUMO, which includes over 200 digital channels of free, premium programming across 12 genres, including Sports, News, Kids and Family Entertainment, Live Events, Comedy, Lifestyle, Movies, and more. The channel will also launch on live TV streaming platforms, PLEX, Local Now, DistroTV, Glewed TV, and SelectTV in Q4.

      With premium content from Wondrium, the company’s recently rebranded global streaming platform for lifelong learning, TRUE HISTORY is a free 24/7 streaming linear channel geared towards history enthusiasts and those with a thirst for knowledge. It features over 650 hours of nonfiction programming that provide insights, context, and deep dives into moments, events and people that changed the world. Every video is led by the world’s leading professors and experts from the most prestigious institutions and partners including Smithsonian, National Geographic, Baseball Hall of Fame, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Georgetown University, and University of Oxford.

      “History has always been one of our most popular subjects, so it made sense to create an entire channel around it. Our history courses provide viewers with an in-depth look at historical subjects from a variety of unique lenses. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to provide a curated selection of courses that will help illuminate new views, broaden people’s understandings, and introduce deeper insights into our modern world,” said Joe Peckl, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Wondrium.

      Content made available to stream on TRUE HISTORY includes: The Black Death: The World’s Most Devastating Plague, History Of the CIA, and Playball: The Rise of Baseball, among others.

      About Wondrium Wondrium is a newly-rebranded global subscription video on demand (SVOD) service offering over 7,500 hours of a broad slate of intellectually stimulating, nonfiction learning content. Wondrium takes the learning experience to the next level, combining the library and legacy of in-depth content from The Great Courses with the best in entertaining, engaging, and educational content. The service will provide a resource that complements people’s daily media habits, allowing them to pursue their passions, dig deeper into subjects, hone their habits, and find something they will love to learn about.

      Media Contact:
      Lindsay Colker
      Elevate Communications


    Chantilly, VA, August 16, 2021 - Wondrium (formally known as: The Great Courses Plus) is excited to announce Wondrium Journeys in conjunction with Academic Travel Abroad, bringing travel enthusiasts the opportunity to experience The Great Courses virtual travel tours as live, luxury tour vacations. Wondrium Journeys will offer the opportunity to book and experience in-person tours that are designed around the itinerary of - and are led by the world-renowned educators who teach - The Great Courses popular video tours.

    Wondrium is the global subscription video on demand (SVOD) service offering over 7,500 hours of a broad slate of intellectually-stimulating, nonfiction learning content. Wondrium offers more than 50 travel and culture related courses, videos, documentaries, and series featuring leading experts and covering experiences such as African safaris; Washington DC; National Parks; England, Scotland, and Wales; Ancient Egypt, and more.

    The first Wondrium Journey will include two opportunities (a Gold package and Silver package) 9-day, 8-night adventures of a lifetime with luxury accommodations designed to recreate the experiences found in the virtual tour, Exploring the Mayan World. Travel lovers will be given an opportunity to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure led by famous archaeologist, explorer, instructor and director of the Maya Exploration Center, Dr. Edwin Barnhart to climb temples, swim in cenotes, taste tequila, make chocolate, plus much, much more.

    Wondrium Journeys will provide:
    Worry-free travel packages, including all accommodations, meals, transportation, and tours. Engaging, educational, and fun-filled itineraries, recreating the learning experiences found in The Great Courses video tours. Group sizes are limited, providing an individual and personal experience. Expert guides on location giving amazing insights and information about every locale. Dr. Edwin Barnhart – who wrote the book, or in this case, taught the course – will lead the Gold Tour exploration.

    Wondrium Journeys are coordinated through Academic Travel Abroad. For questions and additional information about tour packages and booking a trip, consumers can visit: "Our rebrand to Wondrium earlier this year was really meant to show our commitment to offering learning experiences that go beyond just video courses," notes Cale Pritchett, CMO. "Wondrium Journeys is a great example of that expansion and we are enthusiastic to offer travel fans the one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience The Great Courses in real life, alongside the expert guides who teach these insightful courses."

    "We believe that learning through travel is an enriching, life-changing experience," said Chase Poffenberger, Executive Vice President of Academic Travel Abroad. "The chance to design trips in tandem with Wondrium’s award-winning programs is a dream come true!" Academic Travel Abroad (ATA) is a 71-year-old, DC-based educational travel company, and creates experiential travel programs for organizations such as the Smithsonian Institution, The New York Times, and Hearst Magazine Media.

    For additional information, visit

    About Wondrium Wondrium takes the learning experience to the next level, combining the library and legacy of in-depth content from The Great Courses with the best in entertaining, engaging, and educational content. The service provides a resource that complements people’s daily media habits, allowing them to pursue their passions, dig deeper into subjects, hone their habits, and find something they will love to learn about.

    About ACADEMIC TRAVEL ABROAD Academic Travel Abroad, Inc. is an educational travel provider for some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. Riding the post-war wave of interest in travel to Europe, ATA launched operations in 1950 by assisting universities and cultural institutions in the creation of group travel programs for their members. Today, ATA is a leader in educational and branded group travel and offers an array of programs and services that marry travel and learning, such as study abroad programs, call center services, and international conferences.
    Facebook: @AcademicTravelAbroad
    Twitter: @AcademicTravel

    Media Contacts:
    Lisa Hanlon

    Melinda Schrom
    Academic Travel Abroad


    New York, August 12, 2021- Wondrium is proud to collaborate with the 9/11 Memorial & Museum on the premiere of the long-form documentary Reporting 9/11 and Why It Still Matters, exploring what it was like to be a working journalist covering the terrorist attacks on America 20 years ago and how they changed the country. Executive producers Allison Gilbert and Phil Hirschkorn, co-editors of the landmark book Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalists Report September 11, interviewed 45 broadcast and print journalists who shared their urgent, first-hand accounts of the events that unfolded that tragic day in New York City, around Washington, D.C., and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The nearly two-hour film, Reporting 9/11 and Why it Still Matters, provides a definitive account of what journalists encountered at the attack sites, traveling with President Bush and aboard Air Force One, reporting from the anchor desk and the sky above Manhattan, at New York’s Ground Zero, at the Pentagon, and in the fields of Shanksville following the crash of United Flight 93.

    Journalists featured in the film include: Tom Brokaw, Scott Pelley, Byron Pitts, Dana Bash, Barbara Starr, David Martin, Major Garrett, Rehema Ellis, Anne Thompson, Ann Compton, Savannah Guthrie, Jane Clayson, Bob Pisani, Jon Scott, Eric Shawn, Linda Wertheimer, Maggie Haberman, William Rashbaum, Aaron Brown, Don Dahler, Jamie McIntyre, John Miller, among many others.

    Gilbert also hosts the documentary’s companion multi-part series, Women Journalists of 9/11: Their Stories, which highlights contributions of female journalists who covered 9/11 and its impact on their personal lives and careers. Struck by falling debris when the second trade center tower collapsed, Gilbert explores through candid conversations how the media landscape has changed for women in the past generation.

    Reporting 9/11 and Why It Still Matters and Women Journalists of 9/11: Their Stories will launch exclusively on Wondrium starting September 1st. A special sneak preview of the documentary will be made available on the Wondrium YouTube page from August 30-September 1st.

    "The tragic events of 9/11 changed the arc of history and altered the lives of all who lived through it. As a trusted source of nonfiction content with the goal of objectively informing audiences, the idea of working on a film that commemorates the 20th anniversary made sense for Wondrium. Among the countless stories of 9/11 that demand to be heard are from those of journalists and reporters who were on location, covering the events as they unfolded. Reporting 9/11 and Why It Still Matters puts a spotlight on their courageous efforts as they recount the personal and professional decisions they made minute-by-minute amidst chaos, confusion, and uncertainty," said Jason Smigel, VP Product Development. "This unique journalistic perspective provides a powerful and important contribution to America’s collective memory," Smigel added.

    "Each journalist, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes, whether broadcast or print, was changed by 9/11. And because these reporters, producers, photographers, and news executives were also eyewitnesses to the attacks, in many cases skirting death themselves, their lives in the two decades since have been wholly transformed in substantive and unexpected ways," said Gilbert.

    Allison Gilbert is an Emmy award-winning journalist and author of numerous books, including the first biography of Hearst newspaper columnist Elsie Robinson (1883-1956) to be published by Basic Books, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, in August 2022. Gilbert started her career as a TV writer and producer and has worked at CNN, WNBC-TV, WABC-TV, and was part of the original launch teams for New York 1 News and MSNBC. Gilbert is the official narrator of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum’s core historical exhibition audio tour, and her voice is introduced by Robert De Niro on the museum’s "Witnessing History" tour, the only female journalist to be so honored.

    Phil Hirschkorn, the director of Reporting 9/11 and Why it Still Matters, is the founder of Real News Productions, LLC. He previously spent 25 years reporting and producing stories for national news networks, CNN, CBS, PBS, and FOX. He began covering Al Qaeda after its 1998 truck bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa and is the only journalist to cover gavel-to-gavel the ensuing trial in New York federal court, in 2001, as well as the subsequent prosecution of Zacarias Moussoaui for the 9/11 conspiracy, in Virginia federal court, in 2006. Hirschkorn led one of the first CNN field crews dispatched to the World Trade Center on 9/11 and appeared in the CNN documentary "America Remembers." He extensively covered the investigation of the attacks, including the work of the 9/11 Commission, and the rebuilding of the trade center site. He produced the documentary "CNN Presents: 16 Acres," in 2002, and a series of stories on the 10th anniversary of the attacks for CBS News, in 2011.

    "Other than perhaps the first moon landing, 9/11 was the most watched news event in history in the United States and around the world. We’ve been fortunate to assemble some of our best storytellers to share their riveting accounts of what they saw and felt as they told and showed the world what was happening," Hirschkorn said.

    About Wondrium Wondrium (f.k.a. The Great Courses Plus) is a global subscription video on demand (SVOD) service offering over 7,500 hours of a broad slate of intellectually stimulating, nonfiction learning content. Wondrium takes the learning experience to the next level, combining the library and legacy of in-depth content from The Great Courses with the best in entertaining, engaging, and educational content. The service provides a resource that complements people’s daily media habits, allowing them to pursue their passions, dig deeper into subjects, hone their hobbies, habits, and find something they will love to learn about.

    About The National September 11 Memorial & Museum The National September 11 Memorial & Museum is the nonprofit organization that oversees operations for the 9/11 Memorial and 9/11 Memorial Museum. Located on eight of the 16 acres of the World Trade Center site, the Memorial and Museum remember and honor the 2,983 people who were killed in the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993. The Memorial plaza design consists of two reflecting pools formed in the footprints of the original Twin Towers surrounded by swamp white oak trees. The Museum displays more than 900 personal and monumental objects while its collection includes more than 72,500 items that present intimate stories of loss, compassion, reckoning and recovery linked to the events of 9/11 and the aftermath. The Museum also explores the global impact of 9/11 and its continuing significance through education programs, public programs, live talks and film features that cover contemporary topics designed for diverse audiences. For more information or to reserve a ticket to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, please visit

    Media Contacts:
    Beth Feldman
    Beyond PR Group

    Lisa Hanlon
    Beyond PR Group

    Lindsay Colker
    Elevate Communications LLC


    CHANTILLY, VA (April 26, 2021)--New Licensing Agreements with Kino Lorber, MagellanTV, and Craftsy add hundreds of new titles to robust catalog of over 7,500 hours of enrichment programming at launch this summer.
    The Teaching Company, the nation’s leading developer and marketer of premium-quality media for lifelong learning and personal enrichment, announced today that it will debut Wondrium early this summer, the next generation of its global streaming platform, rebranded from The Great Courses Plus.

    Wondrium also announced it has signed new licensing agreements with Kino Lorber, MagellanTV, and Craftsy to provide trusted informative content for the ad-free, subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service at launch. Altogether, they will help fill the service’s library with more than 7,500 hours of streaming video including award-winning, international documentary and independent films, docuseries, short-form series, featurettes, courses and tutorials. The Great Courses titles will remain available to members, along with materials from existing partners A&E Television Networks, Scientific American, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and The Culinary Institute of America.

    The Great Courses, best known for featuring the world’s leading professors and experts, has been a well-regarded and trusted resource for lifelong learners to pursue their passions and expand their knowledge of academic subjects. In 2015, the launch of the brand’s streaming service, The Great Courses Plus, opened the door for a broader audience and a new range of topics. Wondrium takes the learning experience to the next level, offering the best in entertaining, engaging, and educational content, and will provide a resource that complements people’s daily media habits, allowing them to pursue their passions, dig deeper into subjects, hone their habits, and find something they will love to learn about.

    “We are passionate lifelong learners and believe that nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction and excitement that comes with learning something new. We’ve spent the last 30 years crafting moments and experiences that have given our members those ‘Aha!’ moments. Now, we’re expanding that notion even further beyond the format factor we are best known for and diversifying our content offering to include a wider variety of resources, formats, and experiences for our members to enjoy when they want, where they want, and how they want,” said Paul Suijk, President & CEO of The Teaching Company. “We’re so excited to introduce Wondrium to the world and partner with great providers of nonfiction programming to bring our members a robust collection that both enriches and quenches their thirst for knowledge.”

    Wondrium will be available across mobile, web, and connected TV platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, and Android with the same three pricing options as The Great Courses Plus: a Monthly Plan at $20/month, a Quarterly Plan at $15/month (billed $45 every 3 months),and an Annual Plan at $12.50/month.

    About The Teaching Company Creating unique learning experiences since 1990, The Teaching Company is the nation’s leading developer and marketer of premium-quality media for lifelong learning and personal enrichment. The Great Courses and The Great Courses Plus are the premier, consumer-facing brands of The Teaching Company. Delivered in engaging, expertly produced video and audio formats—in convenient online, digital, video-on-demand, and DVD formats—these carefully crafted content experiences provide access to a world of knowledge from the most accomplished experts, instructors, and storytellers. The content-rich, proprietary library spans over 1,200 titles with more than 26,000 lectures designed to expand horizons, deepen understanding, and teach new skills in subject categories such as the arts, science, literature, self-improvement, history, music, philosophy, theology, economics, mathematics, business, professional advancement, photography, cooking, personal development, and more. The Teaching Company of Chantilly, Virginia is owned by Los Angeles-based Brentwood Associates. More information can be found at and

    Media Contact:
    Lindsay Colker
    Elevate Communications



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